Babyface ~ Millionaire Cream

Fortified with rich emollients, botanicals, Emu Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Peptides, Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids + MUCH more! Will not clog pores, but hydrates and locks in moisture! Very long lasting. Anti-aging & soothing for dry winter skin.  $26 (regularly $42) at

METSV says:    There’s a reason why Babyface put “it’s really rich” on the bottle and that’s because….you know it’s coming….IT’S REALLY RICH.  Rich, emollient, soothing, hydrating…. a true treat for my pruney winter skin…. So not only has this winter been brutal to my skin, I mean I’m talking dry, dry skin here people, but I get the added bonus of skin that’s going through changes that only the 40’s can bring…what is UP with that?  Extra dry, more noticable fine lines,  blech…. This cream has really given me my healthy skin back.   Just the smallest amount is all I need for day to completely moisturize my face – and it stays hydrated all day – but it’s night time that I really slather this on!  I wake up to ultra soft and healthy looking skins.  My lines are less pronounced, my skin looks plumper and less sallow, it even has a soft glow to it…something I rarely see these days!   The ingredients are awesome – from the Emu Oil to the good-for-my-skin peptides, I know I’m feeding my skin the good stuff.    I know it says it’s good for winter skin…but why stop there?  I know if I use just a little bit that this cream will be fine in summer too…I’ll combine it with a glowy-tinted moisturizer for dewy, healthy skin.   Babyface is the real deal – quality ingredients, affordable prices, and it performs as advertised.   Really good line of skincare….



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