Marie Veronique Anti-Aging Day Serum

Marie Veronique Anti-Aging Day Serum  $140.00 Available @ Marie Veronique

  • Visibly tightens the skin without drying and smoothes wrinkles the first time you use it
  • Fights free radical damage with powerful anti-oxidants, such as beta-glucan, reservatrol from grape skins and idebenone
  • Conditions skin and prevents transepidermal water loss with vitamin-rich natural oils from rosehip seed, marula, blackberry seed and argan
  • Delays the aging process with hyaluronic acid precursors
  • Combine with any of our Vitamin C supplements to increase effectiveness and provide additional support for your skin


 Makeup Addict really likes Marie Veronique Anti-Aging Day Serum as it does seem to do as it promises.  It does have a fragrance to it that is not unpleasant and it does dissipate with time.  My skin definitely felt tighter – upon application.  At first I thought my skin was drying out – but it was the tightening that I was feeling.  I notice this has all wonderful ingredients, including reservatrol which has been all over the news with its supposed miracle results.  I am betting that all those healthy ingredients are affecting my skin in very good ways.  I do feel as though the tightening actually takes a couple of years off of my appearance and that is always good.  It is costly but my skin definitely found it worth the cost.  I do not need a lot to get these results.  I just need a couple of little dabs and my skin starts reverse aging at that time (tightening gives me that effect).  It is almost like a mini face lift — without any scalpels.


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