3 Lab ~ WW Eye Cream


A moisture-intense treatment for wrinkle-smoothing, brightening, and under eye dark circles. It contains 3LAB’s patented age reversal ingredient, Nano-Claire GY™ that helps skin look and feel younger, and more youthful.   $260 at 3 Lab

METSV says:   Oh to be rich….if I were rich….I would never run out of this eyecream that’s for sure.  I don’t know if I’m thankful or mad that I got to try a sample!  I had a little tube that I literally cut with a scissors and scooped out any remaining cream with a q-tip.   This is probably one of the best eyecreams I’ve used and that’s so not fair because it is truly out of my price tag league.  It is so moisturizing but not oily – instantly smooths out wrinkles and puffiness – makes my eyes look younger in seconds.  I can get super close to my eye and have not one bit of irritation either.   My eye area stays hydrated all day – no crepiness or anything….I am seriously trying to find a way to justify purchasing the big girl size.  Does my family REALLY need t eat?  hmm… ha!   Travie and Bruno, you got it right “I wanna be a billionaire…so….bad!”  They should have a line in there about being able to buy all the 3 Lab skincare products.  


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