Rene Furterer Vitalfan for Progressive Thin Hair Dietary Supplement


Rene Furterer Vitalfan for Progressive Thin Hair Hair Dietary Supplement Full Information Available @ Rene Furterer

Specifically formulated to treat hereditary, progressive thinning hair. With just one capsule a day, hair growth will be thicker and healthier.

Active ingredients & benefits Bitter orange extract and Niacin: Stimulates microcirculation to maximize the supply of energy-boosting and nourishing elements. Squash seed extract, vitamin B6 and zinc: Regulate oil production. Vitamin A and E, Watercress extract and Biotin: Protect the hair bulb and boost keratin production.

Makeup Addict wants to preface my review by saying that it is recommended that you use Rene Furterer Vitalfan for Progressive Thin Hair Hair Dietary Supplements for ninety days and I only had a thirty day supply to use.  However, from that limited amount of time I have to say that I saw small increments of improvement.  They are barely noticeable and only because I am looking very closely for them.  I would definitely recommend that you get the full ninely day supply to get full results.  Just from my limited use I would say that these did have very positive effects on my hair.  They are not what I would have gotten had I splurged and got the ninety day supply.  However, my hair does feel like it has a bit more body and I do see some new growth so I would hazard a guess that the ninely days would havfe yielded many more positive results.


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