Skindinavia ~ 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish

Skindinavia 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish 2 oz $19.00 by Skindinavia at

Reduces the appearance of lines by keeping makeup from settling in them. Innovative mist holds makeup by keeping the surface chilled and well hydrated for hours avoiding drying and slippage. Six hygroscopic (water attracting) moisturizers stop foundation, eye shadow, blush, and concealer from flaking or becoming powdery. Unique pigment dispersion system helps avoid clumping and conceals uneven texture or discoloration, such as sun damage and age spots. Works with all types of makeup. 10 Year Younger Makeup Finish (Key Benefits)

  • Helps diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Six moisturizers alleviate dry or powdery appearance on makeup surface
  • Helps reduce makeup slippage into pores, lines, wrinkles, or scars
  • Surface cooling technology holds temperature to avoid melting or sliding
  • Fewer required “touchups” throughout the day
  • Saves up to 50% of makeup usage

cakedoo1 says.. WOW, I am amazed…. This is a great product, I have been using for 2 weeks and love, love, love using.. It’s super light and doesn’t change the finish of my makeup at all.. I have found that some finishing spray products add shine and Skindinavia’s doesn’t at all and I have tried with a couple of different foundation finishes to rest assured that it will be great for you too no matter what.. It’s scentless so if you are sensitive, no worries.. It’s got a mist like spritz too, so I have never gotten a heavy blast that makes my makeup run or look wet.. It’s just perfect and it really does finish the look.. It makes my skin look so much better and keeps the looks hydrated – I feel that that is the key to my skin’s most flattering look.. It’s winter and dry to carrying around has been a saviour.. It keeps all the makeup from riding in the little lines around my eyes so that keeps me looking more youthful too.. I feel like I get that air brushes blur too and I love it.. lasts and lasts, I think I am touching up once a day..  My skin has had no advserse reactions and I am sensitive so if you are too, you won’t have a problem.. The best part is that this is $19 so it’s completely attainable to even the tightest purse! A must have for all girls and especially the ones who are out of the house for LONG days like me..




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