Pharmacopia ~ Body Bar (Jasmine & Clary Sage)

A gentle cleansing bar with rich, nourishing lather made with organic shea butter to soften and smooth skin. Pharmacopia is a lot more than natural and organic. Our wholistic approach to personal care promotes health and wellness inside and out.  Our gentle infusions of herbs and oils and unique blends of antioxidants, vitamins and premium essential oils are designed to keep skin young and healthy, naturally.

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Ali Says…Pharmacopia has a really good thing going here. All the products I’ve tried thus far have been very impressive. I love the scent of the jasmine and clary sage products. The body bar has a wonderful scent, the flowery aspects from the jasmine, and the nutty fragrance of the clary sage. The combo of the two is perfect. I don’t like when my soap or body wash is over powering and leaves a strong scent on my skin, which is definitely not the case with this soap. It smells great while I’m showering, but then slowly disappears as not to conflict with my perfume. The body bar was very moisturizing as well. My skin felt hydrated, almost as if I had just applied lotion. It was really something else. There was no drying and no film left behind. Just clean, moisturized skin that felt great to the touch. The lather was rich and it felt different than my regular loofa and body wash combination. A much welcomed change. As with all of Pharmacopia’s products, this bar contains organic and natural ingredients. It is also paraben-free and vegan!


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