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RMS BEAUTY – Cream Eyeshadow – Seduce $28.00 at

A sensuous, earthy-brown color. Also doubles as a contour. An original, pure, organic color cosmetic line created by celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. Based on living and organic principles each product is created to hydrate and illuminate vital, radiant skin. Consider it skincare with mineral color-giving make-up a whole new meaning. Application Directions: apply minimally with fingertips or brush on dry, unmoisturized eyes by working a small amount of shadow into the skin, just as you would apply a moisturizer.


Makeup Addict has been trying to perfect the ‘Smokey Eye’ look and I think I just may have mastered it with my RMS Beauty Cream Eye Shadow in Seduce.  Love the color names in this pallet.  Every one of them seems like they could really enhance the eyes.  I know that Seduce has really brought my hazel eyes out of their lids!!  I actually like the way the smokey eye works for me.  Then I tried using Seduce for daytime office wear and it tames down very nicely when you use it lightly.  Either way – my eyes really pop with this particular color.  Yes, I have lines and  crepey skin around my eye lids and above but those features are really less noticeable when I use RMS Beauty Cream Eye Shadow so they are very truthful in their advertising.  The Seduce brings out some of the little hints of sparkle in my eyes that I don’t usually notice — well I notice for sure when I have this on!!!  It really highlights those bits of sparkle and my eyes almost seem like they are twinkling.  It is a very subtle but flattering effect. . . I love it.  I see another couple of colors that I need to get — to see what they can do for me.  If they work like Seduce – I know I will be thrilled with the finished look.  Thanks, RMS Beauty — another winner in your fabulous line of products.

cakedoo1 says.. I haven’t really used a lot of cream eye shadows.. I just haven’t had the opportunity to use them.. I too have this in Seduce, the color is amazing with my hazel eyes.. It’s a metallic, iridescent creamy shadow, I describe the color as plumy bronze color and with hazel eyes this color brings the green, its a great pop effect. it wears really nicely too, since it a cream base it goes on really smooth and does get a little powdery but has a great staying power.. SO nice! I don’t have to touch up or check on the look, it stays put and doesn’t fade away.. OOOO it also looks really nice as a liner too, is shimmery and soft.. I have small eyes and sometimes liners can close in my eyes but this is softer and actually gives my eyes a pop without making them look tiny.. I love it!


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