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Lash Control Mascara $20.00 Available @ be beautiful

Lash•Control® Mascara features a patented break-though delivery system. There is a built-in wiper sleeve that, when squeezed, allows you to continuously control the amount of mascara on the wand before it leaves the tube. With high-performance brushes and soothing formulas comprised of many botanicals, you can layer from natural sheer to plumped up volume – it’s all about squeeze control. This product also reduces exposure to air-borne contaminants and offers the user a more sanitary method for removing excess from the brush applicator.

PINK = Lenghtening and Conditioning
PURPLE = Volume, Length and Conditioning
CLEAR = Clear Top Coat for added depth and luster
BLUE = Water-resistant
RED = Fiber-Rich formula for added extension Length

Makeup addict loves the results I am getting with Lash Control Mascara.  I have Purple which is all about Volume, Length, and Conditioning as shown above. Let me tell you this gives you incredible lashes.  They are seriously model eyelashes.  I am thrilled with my results.  My  lashes almost look like false eyelashes as the mascara truly enhances your eyes.  See the color codes above.  Select the  Lash Control Mascara that fits you needs the most.  Let me say that Lash Control Mascara really does pump up the length and the volume to my lashes.  I can give it a little squeeze for longer fuller lashes.  It is so sad that this has not been on the market that long.  I certainly hope that people will realize what a gem this is.  It is so easy to apply and I found that it had very good staying power.  I fell asleep with it on and it did not smear my pillowcase and it was still pretty much in place when I awoke.  Hey, I just might take one of each of the various Lash Control Mascaras that are out in the market.  If you want to enhance the appearance of your eyes — Lash Control Mascara is definitely the first contact!!

METSV says:  Just adding to Ellen’s review – this really take mascara to the next level….  I too have been test driving the purple tube for length and volume and it is pretty amazing to see just how many lashes I actually have because they’re not all clumping together.   This mascara stays put, has a silky shiny look to it, doesn’t cause raccoon eyes, and really does NOT clump.   I always break the cardinal rule of curling AFTER applying…. I know, I know….  but let me tell you my eyelashes after just one coat, then a quick curl with the Shi, it’s like holy cow!   It looks like I applied a row of falsies.   A couple of coats give you here to there lashes…. I’ve tried this a bunch of ways – as a one coat more natural look, two coats for more defined, and even as a base coat and then applying my old standby mascara and that too made my lashes look amazing!!!   Oh, and I’m a lens wearer too, and there hasn’t been any flaking or irritation either!  Excellent and innovative idea for us lash lovers and mascara aficionados.

METSV says:  Just adding my .02 for the Clear Lash Control formula.  This is excellent as a base as it tends to find little hidden lashes to coat so that when I put my regular mascara on, those lashes get covered as well.  It’s great for the bottom lashes too – I don’t have a lot, so I can use all the help I can get.   The Clear also is perfect for natural, glossy looking lashes..I curl my lashes with my trusted Shi, then apply a bit of Clear over them – it’s natural, but just gives my eyes a bit of oomph.  Great for keeping brows in place too.   I love that you can never get too much on the wand…the grip in the middle takes care of that.  No extra clumps of gel – I get a perfect coat every time.   I’m a big fan of this one.

cakedoo1 says.. I have Lash Control in pink – it’s their lengthening and conditioning formula. I love it.. The packaging is so different the neck of the tube has the soft area that allows me to control the amount of mascara on the brush, it’s amazing.. I love this! I like little mascara on my lower lashes and with traditional mascara, I have to wipe some of the formula away with Lash Control, I squeeze the neck and BAM, the brush comes out with little to no mascara on it!! I love it.. The formula is great too.. It really gives me nice and long lashes, they are thin and long, I love the wispy long lashes I get with Lash Control.. I also have to mention that this mascara stays on and doesn’t flake away, I NEVER see specks under my eyes, doesn’t matter if it’s after a day of work or after wearing all day and hitting the town, long wear without fault… Also the formula is smooth and clump free. I have been using for about a month so I can tell you that it’s not clumping and is still smooth and glossy.. Great product!! Thank you Lash Control, your formula and packaging set you apart from the rest on the market!

Ali Says..Genius! Let me first start off by saying how genius the Lash Control tubes are. In the middle of the tube is a soft, gummy feeling area that when squeezed when removing the wand, helps reduce excess mascara on the brush. How many times have I pulled the wand out of a tube of mascara and the brush is covered in mascara, sometimes even clumpy mascara. Not a good scene. Well say goodbye to those days because the Lash Control mascara line has come to our rescue. So I was lucky enough to try two different Lash Control mascaras, the clear (top coat) and the purple (volume, length, conditioning). The clear top coat is great. It really adds a finished looked to my eyes and makes my lashes pop. The clear coat helps define my eyelashes and grabs hold of every single lash helping make my eyelashes look full and long. I also tried the top coat by itself, not over any mascara, on a morning I just needed a little pick-me-up. The Lash Control clear really did the trick and enhanced my lashes enough that I didn’t need any colored mascara. Moving onto the Lash Control for volume, length and conditioning….WOW! What a great little tube of mascara…everything you need in one tube. Once stop shopping here. This mascara really added great volume to my eyelashes. I already have very long eyelashes, but not necessarily a lot of them. This mascara really helped bring out all the lashes; my eyelashes looked a lot fuller. After taking my mascara off for the night, I rubbed my fingers over my lashes . I was skeptical I wouldn’t feel a difference, but they truly felt conditioned. My lashes were soft and shiny; they looked very healthy. I really liked the color of this mascara too. Perfect color black! Another great thing about this mascara was it’s staying power. It stayed through everything: work, the gym, a good cry, weather etc. I put this mascara through the ringer, and it performed very well. While the price may seem a little high for a tube of mascara, in comparison to other specialty mascaras, it is reasonable priced. You really conserve your mascara with the scraper in the middle of the tube, so this mascara lasts a good while.


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