Rosie Jane Cosmetics ~ Leila Lou Body Lotion

This light body lotion is a combination of 100% essential oils and naturally hydrating ingredients. It will leave your skin silky smooth with the fresh scent of Leila Lou.   $28 at

METSV says:   I am completely in love with this body lotion…this fragrance…is just… the cleanest, lightest, citrusy-fresh-sensual….never have encountered anything quite like it.  Do you know that the very first thing I did when I got this body lotion was to go to the website to see if there was a perfume to go with it….sure enough there is…and did I order it?  You bet I did.   I can not wait to get it and layer.   To me, this scent evokes feelings of warm days and sunshine and soft breezes and fizzy drinks and walking hand in hand on a beach with someone special…maybe that’s why it puts me in a better mood as this incredibly snowy winter keeps dragging on and on….  The lotion itself absorbs quickly – not greasy or oily.  I just get super soft, hydrated skin that smells so good I’m constantly inhaling my wrist.   I had my DD try it, my sisters, anyone I see I say “you gotta try this”…. and they end up loving it too.  It’s so unique – notes can run the range from floral to clean to citrus and even hints of vanilla.   This is a fragrance that if you are in sniffing range of perfect strangers I guarantee they WILL ask you what you are wearing.  It’s just THAT pretty – and so different.  Totally feminine and pretty dang sexy too.  Love.


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