Swell Skin ~ Face Treatment

Swell Face Treatment  $32.00 Available @ Swell Skin

For about the price of a few Grand Lattes, you can f-i-n-a-l-l-y have clear, uninterrupted skin. Check out the prices of those other guys acne/clear skin regimens and you will be blown away at how easy and affordable our products are.  Oh yeah..and our stuff actually WORKS!!

Makeup Addict was sure that Swell Face Treatment would probably end up being a high-priced soap.  Boy, was I wrong!!  It is an incredibly pure face soap that makes your skin smile — seriously.  They claim it makes your skin happy and I say making it smile is making it happy. It really does not suds up but instead it froths and almost becomes creamy.  It feels wonderful on my skin and is not drying in any way.  It rinses of cleanly and leaves me with soft, silky skin.   My skin feels like new skin – baby’s skin.  It is so fresh and clean and my pores are so clean that they actually seem to have shrunk — I love it!!!  My face had little breakouts every so often — I never outgrew them.  Well, I used Swell Face Treatment on them and was shocked when they faded away and left nothing but pure, fresh skin.  Okay, so $32 seems a bit high for a bar of soap — but it works!!!!  AND you just need a tiny bit of the soap.  I have been using it for a while and it has not gone down at all.  Swell Face Treatment is a good investment in your skin and face.


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