Deborah Lippmann ~ Boom Boom Pow Nail Color

Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow Nail Color $20.00 at Barneys New York

Precision, high resistance and high protection nail color. Available in Boom Boom Pow, a glamorous gold gleam glitter.Contains 24k gold dust.

cakedoo1 says.. Now, you know I was not only attracted to this nail color but come on, Boom Boom Pow! it’s a perfect dead on name, when you look at the color, it’s a really boom boom pow in my face! The funny thing is that I don’t even like the color gold! I have never been a gold wearer in any capacity so the fact that I am in love with this tells you that it is amazing..  You can see from the bottle above that it’s gold, well when you see it in person the color is a light shimmery gold base with the 24k gold dust flecks mixed throughout.. I can also tell you that I get different looks depending on the number of coats I apply.. When I apply one coat it’s a light twinkly shimmer with touches of gold.. When I apply 2 coats the color of the gold is a deeper gold and has more gold flecks, then with a third coat the my nails look more golden and metallic looking it’s funky cool and that is my favorite look.. It’s totally fun, party and boom boom pow! It’s New York, LA and Paris all wrapped up into one polish.. I love that it has the different looks and can be versatile so I can wear during the day and night.. So much fun..

I have been wearing all week and seriously it is holding up like trooper.. I don’t have an chips on my tips so far and that is something, since I type all the time.. Its a real powerhouse of a nail color.. It also dries really quickly so I can go from one coat to the next fairly quickly.. OOO I also want to mention that in my experience any polish that has fleck suspended within can feel bumpy on my nails and with Boom Boom Pow my nails feel smooth and without any snags.. It’s amazing on all fronts! What else can I say, so much fun!


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