Votre Vu ~ Champagne Kisses Enhancing Lip Balm


Votre Vu CHAMPAGNE KISSES Enhancing Lip Balm $29.00 Available @ Votre Vu

You’ll be the toast of the town with a healthy, smooth, moisturized smile thanks to Champagne Kisses. With a concentrated formula specially designed to enhance suppleness and hydration, lips may become more luscious and full after every application. Soothing, nourishing and healing with sweet almond oil, coconut oil and shea butter, this lip enhancer also boasts a delicious natural flavor to elevate the senses. Daily use of Champagne Kisses may help minimize the appearance of fine lines around your pretty smile and help prevent lipstick from bleeding and feathering. Apply as necessary to gently enhance the volume of your lips while protecting them from elements such as the sun and wind. Cheers to wiping away the years with Champagne Kisses and Caviar Dreams! Smile More!

Makeup Addict finds  Votre Vu CHAMPAGNE KISSES Enhancing Lip Balm to be more than your usual lip balm.  Yes, yes, my lips are so soft and silky and feel just wonderful — no waxey feel to them at all.  I do get a slight scent of almond (which I LOVE) along with just barely a taste of almond,  As if that is not enough — my lips do seem much more vibrant and less aged (if that is possible).  After using a couple of times I noticed that those darn lines in my lips are smoother and definitely less noticeable.  That, in turn, makes my lips look more full and dare I say — a little younger?!?!?!  Yes, I do dare — they do look younger.  This  Votre Vu CHAMPAGNE KISSES Enhancing Lip Balm is a potent little balm to accomplish all that it does.  .  . and it does the many little tasks extremely well.  The price is reasonable when I consider the results!!  You do not need a lot to get these great results either.  Oh, yeah, another major factor — Votre Vu CHAMPAGNE KISSES Enhancing Lip Balm has incredible staying power — seriously.  I had a dental appointment today for a cleaning and I still had this on — after the cleaning.  Come on — everything rubs against your lips during a cleaning — I just planned to reapply — but I didn’t have to — it was still on and gleaming when I left the dentist’s office.


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