Persephenie ~ Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil

Neroli Infusion – Organic Body Oil $38.00 avail @ Persephenie

Our Marula oil is hand pressed by a woman’s collective and is from a sustainable resource in S. Africa. It is rich in antioxidants and oleic acid, essential components for maintaining healthy vibrant skin.

cakedoo1 says.. OMG, the scent – from my first whiff I was in love, it’s intoxicatingly delicious.. I can’t get enough of it.. It’s warm and playful. I love the smell of citrus so as always neroli is a favorite of mine what is so different about Persephenie’s line is that it’s organic so there is nothing fake about this scent, it’s true and pure and so gorgeous, I swear to you if you like Neroli, the real love affair will begin when you smell this.. I was a little “eek a mouse” when I first looked at the product.. I thought…. “body oil, will I be able to get dressed, will it stain my clothing?” I had all of the notions that a person who doesn’t use a lot of body oils jas.. My o my -am I  glad I got the opportunity to use.. I used this after shaving in the shower  (it’s winter here so my legs looks flaky)  so I needed hydration – obviously.. I used on my stems starting at the hip and working my way down.. OMG, I did look shiny – so I just walked out of the bathroom and started to put my clothes for the day together.. I am telling you that by the time I pulled out some jeans and a sweater the shine was more now a sheen and my legs completely transformed into looking velvety and SO soft.. I was amazed – seriously maybe 2 minutes so all of my fears and notions went right out the window.. I got dressed and seriously the moisture stays with, it doesn’t disappear in an hour.. I am telling you that night my knees were still soft and velvety, I am stunned.. The quality is there and you really get what you pay for.. I am in love with every single product my little hands have touched.. I am so impressed.. This a must have for anyone with dry skin it simply revitalized the my skin and just give it that healthy glow in the dead of sub-zero winter.. I want to swim in this!! it smells so great on too, not heavy but natural and feminine!

METSV says:  Yup, I have to echo Denise’s sentiments above here….  Persephenie is an elegant and gorgeous line of skincare that is absolutely effective.  I had reviewed the bath powder a few days ago and you can see there how much I loved that, and the body oils are no exception.  These absorb into my skin so fast and the end result is such soft and glowing skin – AND hydrated.  I can not believe how dry this particular winter has made my skin, but it is far from attractive.  I am a flaky mess!   The body oil is exceptional at restoring much needed moisture and relief for my dry, itchy legs.   I love the scent of Neroli – this isn’t cloying or fake – it’s pure Neroil, citrusy and kinda sexy…. once you’ve applied, just give it a couple of minutes then go ahead and get dressed – no greasy, oil, residue-y feeling…just skin that feels comfortable and soft.  Great, great line of products.  We highly recommend them here at SA.

Makeup Addict had already fallen in love with Persephenie Linden Blossom Dry Body Oil before I used the Persephenie Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil. Now I have a quandry — which do I love more.  Well, because I am addicted to Citrus the Persephenie Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil won — but not by much.  These are two wonderful products for dry skin.  However, the Persephenie Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil works as well at the Persephenie Linden Blossom Dry Body Oil but the Citrus is the deciding factor.  Not everyone is a ‘citrus fan’ so do not go by my personal taste.  I absolutely love Persephenie Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil as it glides on – and is absorbed instantly.  I get the sheen to my skin very quickly and it looks so amazing.  You know how in magazines models have a sheen to their skin — well this gives you that appearance.  So you are not only getting incredibly soft and silky skin — but getting that healthy appearance to you skin also.  Actually, because I am a ‘citrus nut’ I have many colognes with a citrus base and the scent blends in wonderfully.  My clothes actually go on easier as they just slip on — but my skin is not slippery — just soft and sensuous.  Persephenie Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil is a must have for dry skin.  It really only takes a minimal amount to get these wonderful results.


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