Sophyto Organic Skincare ~ Anti-Aging Antioxidant Serum

Anti-Aging Antioxidant Serum – 30 ml / 1.014 fl. oz $49.00 avail from Sophyto

previously called Polyphenol Skin Drops (same great product, just different name)

Ultralight serum supplements skin’s natural protective barrier and fights signs of premature aging with AOX-5 polyphenol compound
Contains organic olive leaf, whole apple extract, plus green and white tea for healthier looking, more radiant skin
Free from artificial fragrance, colors, fillers and parabens

cakedoo1 says.. Now here is a diffrent serum, the consistency of Sophyto’s serum is like water, it’s loose and light.. I pump 2x into my hands and basically pat onto my face and neck.. It is very gentle too, no adverse reactions at all. It’s got a very nice light scent too, reminds me of the scent of a bottle of vitamins.. I find this is a great product to apply to my freshly washed & patted dry.. It locks in moisture and is light enough to blend with all of my other skincare without ever feeling heavy.. My skin drinks up this serum and I feel like it really aids in moisture and has improved my texture – my skin is soft and smooth.. I think this is a great product if you are looking to retain hydration but don’t want to feel like you have anything on, I am telling you it’s weightless and feels great.. You


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