Davines ~ SOLU Refreshing Solution Shampoo

Davines SOLU Refreshing Solution Shampoo with Barley Extract is for all hair types. It safely removes any residue of hairspray, foam and gels.  An active shampoo with refreshing action. Cleanses in depth removing all residues of styling products. SOLU shampoo also performs an untangling, anti-static action. It is recommended for those who use styling products every day. The hair is left silky, with good body and is left easy to comb.

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Ali Says… Well, Davines Refreshing Solution Shampoo definitely seems like it does what it says it does….”cleanses in depth removing all residues of styling products.” My hair definitely felt as if it had been cleansed, however, since I don’t use many styling products, it may have cleansed my hair too much! There is no doubt in my mind that if I was a hair product junky, using gels, creams, hairspray etc. daily, that Davines would do the trick in providing a refreshed head of hair. It is really important to provide your hair a break from the daily use of styling products and having a tool like the Refreshing Solution is clutch to have in your hair regimen. I can definitely attest to the claim that the shampoo acts as a detangler, as I found my hair both manageable and easy to comb through post shower. Also, while my hair may have felt a little over cleansed, there was no static or fly away issues with my hair. For those people who minimally use styling products, but still feel they want to use a shampoo like SOLU to refresh the hair, I would suggest using your regular shampoo after to help your hair feel more moisturized.


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