Girlactik Beauty ~ Chic Shine

Girlactik Beauty Chic Shine $16 at Girlactik Beauty

This is a must have in your bag. Apply it on your cheekbones and or under your eyebrow giving a metallic foil shine. This beauty must have plays with the light and shines just perfectly! For a dewy look apply over your blush on your upper cheekbone. It comes in Starlet Pink, Diva Gold and Star Silver. Girlactik Star Chic Shine adds shimmer to any complexion. Great for highlighting your cheekbones, under the eyebrow, lips and eyes.


Ali Says…Want to be just like your favorite celebrities? Well, I suggest using Girlactik Beauty Chick Shine then! Stars like Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Kristen Bell and Marcia Cross are all wearing Girlactik Beauty to help them shine! The Chic Shine (which I tried in Star Silver) added a subtle, yet amazing shimmer to my face. I used the Chic Shine in different locations on different days. My first try was on my cheeks. The Chic Shine added great dimension to my cheekbones. I used it on top of my blush which helped add a highlighting shine to my cheeks. I felt very sexy and even though I wasn’t going out on the town, I felt like I was. The next time I used the Chic Shine, I tried it on my upper lids/under my brow line. WOW! Using it here really made my eyes pop! The Chic Shine is very glamorous and takes your regular night out make-up to a red carpet affair! Beyond how the Chic Shine enhanced my make-up look, it was very easy on the skin, leaving no irritations and came off easily with make-up remover.


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