Sampar ~ Winsome Body Joyous Body Milk

Firming and moisturizing body milk for very dry skin. Deeply nourishes the skin helping to prevent the appearance of stretch marks (Shea Butter and Horse Chestnut Extract). Powerful anti-aging agent increases the elasticity of the skin (Soya Extract and Vitamin E). Firms and brightens the skin (Horse Chestnut and Witch Hazel). Anti-oxidant shield protects the skin from harmful effects of pollution (Urban Advance Complex)

Sampar Winsome Body Joyous Body Milk $68.00 available at

Ali Says…I’m very excited for the long term results of this lotion. The Sampar Joyous Body Milk touts deep nourishment and the visible prevention of stretch marks. After a few days use, I have noticed a significant difference in my skin. First, the lotion has lived up to it’s claims of deep nourishment. No dry skin, no need to reapply. As I’ve mentioned before, my trouble points are my hips, stomach and arms. I have used the Sampar Body Milk daily on these areas and have found my skin to be tighter and full of moisture. My skin felt invigorated. What I really liked about the lotion is there is little to no scent, which is great when you wear perfume. Many lotions can overpower a perfume or make it smell different because the two scents intertwine, however, this is not the case with the Sampar Body Milk. It has the slightest of scents, which I have had a hard time pinpointing what it is. After application, it very quickly disappears. The lotion leaves no greasy or oily residue and was easily absorbed into my skin. I will have to report back on the stretch mark prevention, but have a strong feeling I will see amazing results.


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