Lisa Hoffman ~ Madagascar Orchid Candle

The lush and captivating scent of Madagascar Orchid will surround your room and linger for hours creating an ambiance of comfort, luxury, and style. Beautifully orchestrated, Madagascar Orchid is a symphony of flowers all working in harmony to create a captivating floral blend. Using a proprietary soy wax blend, our candles contain the highest concentration of fine fragrance oils and will burn for over 50 hours. Breathe in peace and tranquility as the gentle scent and the soft whisper of the crackling wood wick entices your senses and transports you to a garden oasis.

$46.00 available at Lisa Hoffman

Ali Says…What a cool candle! The first thing I noticed about this candle was the wood wick. I’ve never seen one before and was intrigued to see how the candle would burn. After lighting the candle, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a slight crackling, like I was sitting by a fire. It added a great ambiance to the room as if there really was a fire, it was quaint, but could be heard. The scent, Madagascar Orchid,  was very pleasant. Not too strong and filled the room with a beautiful flowery scent. I liked how the scent didn’t overpower the room. It is a very exotic scent that made me feel like I was on a tropical island. I burned the candle for approximately 5 hours and it burned perfectly even. If the wick wasn’t burned, you may not know the candle had been used. No warping or mis-shapen wax in the jar. I am excited that the candle has 50 hours of burn time because it is a perfect addition to the room.


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