Smith & Vandiver ~ Aromatherapaes/De-Stress Spa Shower Tablets

 Turn your shower into your own personal Spa. Simply toss these safe and effective effervescent discs onto the shower floor and have a spa-tacular experience. When the water hits the tablets, they will quickly dissolve and release essential oils into the air. As you inhale, the essential oils go to work and you are transported to a pure Aromatherapy treatment full of healthy, therapeutic benefits right in your shower.  Hop over to Smith & Vandiver for the skinny!

METSV says:  I’ll just cut to the chase and say that I think I just might want every single product in the Aromatherapaes line.  These spa shower tablets are a relaxing, de-stressing treat.  Talk about a real spa experience right in your own shower… I set the whole thing up – I have my Ipod in the bathroom on its docking station with my favorite mellow- out tunes playlist on.  I throw a tablet on the far end of the tub floor and run a nice hot shower….aaahhh…..transported into instant zen like state of relaxation….these really and truly destress and help me unwind.  I have used these four times and I’m trying to savor the last couple (my box had six tablets) but they are just what the doctor ordered.  The neroli and chamomile are the perfect combo to relax and soothe my mind, which this time of year is racing with all the stuff I have to do for the holidays (I know you know what I’m talking about…those mental lists of a jillion things that have to get done).    I have to get my hands on the Energize pack too – I could use a boost many a morning!   I love that these are 100% certified natural; using mainly just essential oils to lift our mood and get rid of tension and stress.  These would make an amazing gift.   Actually ANY of the products from the Aromatherapaes would make great gifts…but don’t forget about YOU either!  I love these and will definitely be returning for more.



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