Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford ~ Anti-Aging Night Creme

Anti-Aging Night Crème for more info please check out Meaningful Beauty

Wake up to skin that’s refreshed and revitalized. This lightweight crème is specially formulated to benefit the skin overnight, delivering intensive moisture and nutrients. Encourages natural collagen creation to help improve firmness, diminish the visible signs of aging, and rejuvenate damaged skin.

cakedoo1 says.. If I go to bed without some serious evening moisture, I wake up feeling like a withered husk, it’s terrible, it’s so dry here and I hate using a dehumidifier, when I do everything in my bedroom feels damp, so I opt to be parched like sandpaper I guess.. So when it come to my evening regimen, I need a night cream that will hold up to the arid conditions – I need moisture and protection..

Having mentioned all of that, enter my life Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty Night Creme – it’s so emolient and thick.. It’s perfect.. It immediately soothes and smoothes over my skin and moisturizes.. The best part is that it stays on all night… When I wake up, my face is still moist and I can still feel that the night creme hasn’t evaporated.. This is EXACTLY what I need, my skin is soft smooth, no dry patches and no flaking.. My skin feels comfortable, which is so important to me.. I hate waking up feeling like sandpaper.. This is a great night creme, it really works well and just feels great!


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