Invicible ~ Advanced Scar Treatment


The goal is always to improve the way your skin looks and feels as much as possible. InviCible helps get rid of scars, skin blemishes and hyperpigmentation more than any other cosmetic scar treatment.

Available @ for $82

Lilmissashley says.. Wow, this product was such a treat to try! I have a scar on my left hand that I am always trying to hide. Not until this product did I have true hope that my scar would one day fade.  If you check out this company’s website, its obvious that they know a lot about scars and have definitely did tons of research to help people like me out! The product itself is made so easy to apply. There is a little button on the top that you press down to allow the cream to dispense.  It is so user friendly! The cream itself is relatively light and applies smoothly onto skin.   I did rub in the cream slightly after application so the white cream turns clear.  I did not detect a scent either. Because it is so light, I hardly could notice that I was wearing the cream. I did notice that it was slightly greasy to the applied area after application. However, this was a small price to pay for what the product does! Its great because my skin was smooth after application and absorbed the cream right away. After about 21/2 weeks to 3 weeks, I started to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of my scar. I even started to apply a bit to my face where I previously had some blemish scaring…which proved to be very helpful too! The scar on my hand, which was slightly raised above my skin began to almost shrink whereas the color began to blend more with the skin on my hands… a very noticeable improvement! The cream didn’t cause any adverse reaction to my skin… no redness or itchiness to the applied area.  I only needed a little bit to apply to the affected area so I also did notice that this product is going to last me a long while. At first, I was unsure of what to expect from this product… but I am so glad I tried it out as the results have been great so far.  I will continue to use this product and update you as my progress continues!


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