Santa Baby, slip ~ Burberry’s Lip Charm ~ under my Tree

Burberry Lip Charm $85.00 by Burberry at Nordstrom

Burberry introduces the very first ‘it’ lip gloss, the Lip Charm, a bag key chain directly inspired by the Burberry fashion accessory collection. Elegant and evocative, the Burberry Lip Charm features sophisticated and modern contours: the glossy gunmetal three-cube charm is engraved with the iconic lines of the Burberry check and repeats the innovative soft magnetic closure of Burberry design. This precious object contains a natural lip gloss inside the large cube and a clasp that allows you to attach this iconic accessory to any handbag! The lightweight gloss texture and its nude and warm shade provide extreme comfort and a second-skin effect on your lips to heighten your natural glow and beauty. Available in one shade, Nude Beige No.1, for an effortless and fresh Burberry look.

  • By Burberry.



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