Santa Baby, slip ~ Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Shimmer Lotion in “Noir” ~ under My Tree

Sexy Little Things® Sexy Little Things Noir™ Holiday Limited-edition Shimmer Lotion

 $20.00 by Sexy Little Things at Victoria’s Secret

A shimmering fragrance fantasy. Luminous lotion wraps skin in sparkling softness and Sexy Little Things Noir™ scent, an enchanting blend of nectarine, amber and orchid. Domestic. 8.4 oz.

METSV says:  Vicky’s never fails to deliver the goods at holiday time…try even walking around the store in December without bumping into lots of other rabid Vicky’s addicts just trying to grab the latest in what the Angels are selling us…Since I’ll sadly never look like one, at least perhaps I can shimmer and smell like one with this sexy, shimmery body lotion from the Sexy Little Things collection.  Noir is sweet and citrusy…such an awesome combo…and this lotion just packs the softness on…but you get that little kick of subtle shimmer that just begs for attention.    The shimmer is “grown up” shimmer…I’m not talking glitter here…it’s barely there but catch the light in the right way and your skin just twinkles.  It’s so pretty.  On your arms, on your decolette, on your legs (mixed with bronzer or self tanner…just wow!), this lotion is truly gorgeous.   I’ve used many of these types of lotions and often times, believe it or not, it’s actually drying to my skin.  This lotion is the exact opposite.  My skin is super soft and it stays that way.   Get these before they’re gone, girls.  I’m not kidding.    Guys, if you’re reading and looking for stocking stuffers….may I suggest this!  Hey, you’ll both benefit from me!  A holiday “gotta get!”


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