Ramy ~ OMG 2-in-1 Mascara Wand & Eye Liner

OMG! is the first of its kind with it’s revolutionary 2-In-1 Mascara Wand and Eye Liner Applicator. Created to work in perfect harmony, the wand and liner make the glitter application easy-to-use for the makeup beginner or the makeup junkie. As an added bonus, the unique, 3-Dimensional Holographic Shimmer creates the perfect come hither, glitterazzi look

avail from Ramy Beauty Therapy for $24.00

cakedoo1 says.. OK, this is a firsr for me, a liner & mascara combination.. I can’t believe no one else has a product like this.. It’s really fun and flirty.. First off, I was a little nervous to apply over my mascara, like anyone I think the first thing that came to mind was the this is going to clump and look very heavy on my eyes.. I was really surprised that it went on so lightly.. I go over my lashes with one application and done.. There is a twinkle in my lashes and it’s no over the top, I think it’s really pretty and softens the deep dark lashes.. It dries quickly and doesn’t change the way my mascara looks, it’s not clumpy or weigh heavy on them either.. I even use during the day, I just wear very natural eye shadow.. It’s so much fun.. I also have used the liner, it’s got a really fine tipped applicator so I can go really thin and it goes on smooth and doesn’t have any bumps in the road.. You might think with the mica suspended within that it would be chunky because of the shimmer but it’s completely smooth and it dries down quick and is there for the long haul.. It’s amazing for the holiday season and any night out.. I also just like to use it for a pop.. It’s so much fun and so easy to use and really quick to add in!


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