Pucci ~ Sole 149 Perfume

Pucci Sole 149 $59.00 by Pucci at Sephora

Sparkling and vital, Pucci Sole 149 comes alive with the warmth of the day. This aromatic floral fragrance mirrors the radiant energy of the sun’s glowing rays. A tomato leaf top note bursts with liveliness and blends with galbanum, creating an unmistakable botanical impression that evokes the original Vivara scent. The heart of the essence blooms with the refined intensity of sambac jasmine, a deep and seductive note. At the base, vetiver lends an elegant touch while patchouli delicately unifies the fragrance for an altogether radiant effect.

Lilmissashley says… I received a sample of this product about 2 weeks ago and I love wearing it. The notes are Tomato Leaf, Sambac Jasmine and Vetiver. I was a bit surprised to find that this scent had tomato leaf in it as I have never saw this note before in a scent AND I wasn’t exactly sure what note/scent I was looking for. But, this scent did have a citrus- like scent to it though, but it wasn’t citrus in a girly way.   It almost has a musk-like scent to it as well before it dries down into more of subtle citrus. The Jasmine middle notes are light, but very sweet, compliment the citrus very well and is my favorite part of the scent. The vetiver brings in a “green” scent for me and almost makes the scent seem like a forest scent, slight musky but nothing very noticeable. I’d also say that this scent is far from overwhelming.. you can layer it up without smelling the whole room.  A great scent for those who summer as this scent reminds me of a sunny day. Loved it.



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