NYX Cosmetics ~ Lip Gloss w/ Mega Shine

Nyx Lip Gloss W/ Mega Shine $5.50 by NYX

NYX signature Lip Gloss w/ Mega Shine combines high impact colors with lacquer to create unparalleled color and magnificent shine. NYX signature lip gloss:

  • Combines high impact colors with lacquer to create unparalleled shine
  • Contains mineral and lanolin oils to hydrate and condition lips
  • Is available in a dazzling array of shades
  • Makes the most of any smile


cakedoo1 says..  I have this lip gloss in Miami Baby! I love it – this is my first time using the NYX cosmetics line and I am so lucky I have the opportunity to test them out, because I love this gloss.. I really think it’s the anti-gloss, it’s not sticky, gooey or thick like many glosses.. I find that this goes on smooth and more like a creamy lipstick but has all the shine in the world.. It’s amazing.. The color Miami Baby totally reminds me of a color that Kim Kardashian would wear, I mean this looks like a color I have seen her in.. It’s a mauve taupe color.. It’s perfect color for my pale skin.. It really draws attention to my lips. It’s got a great slanted sponge like applicator that comes of a nice tip so on the fly its easy to use to line the lip so I can create the outline so I know what to fill in.. I also really like the way it wears, smooth and soft.. It’s got great pigment and doesn’t stain my lips.. It also has a yummy fruity scent.. I really, really like this gloss and the best part it doesn’t break the bank so I can pick up a couple and not go broke.. Super experience with NYX’s lippie, love it!

 I have this awesome gloss in Ice Princess…it’s a gorgeous shimmery pink with subtle gold flecks in it that just makes my lips pop and somehow lights up my face.   I am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to test drive NYX as now I know what the big deal and the hugely positive buzz about this line is all about.   NYX reminds me of a well-known and much loved department store line…it has the latest in color, style, trend, you name it…One thing NYX is not about….robbing you blind.  Everything is so affordable, even if you’re a budget fashionista.    The gloss payoff is awesome with these – They’re not goopy or sticky, very smooth and glass-like, and on me it lasts a fairly decent amount of time which is not the norm for me and lippies.  The flavor is subtle but nice – a sweet vanilla-ish flavor, the slanted doe-foot applicator is perfect for applying if you’re without the benefit of a mirror.  When I went to the NYX site to grab a swatch of Ice Princess, I saw at LEAST 5 other glosses that I must get my greedy little paws on.  Maybe if I’m feeling generous, I’ll slip a couple into my daughter’s stocking… truly great and best of all AFFORDABLE cosmetic line.




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