Jan Marini ~ Limited Edition Instant Refining Exfoliator

Limited Holiday Edition
Marini Instant Refining Exfoliator polishes the skin to a radiant glow without coarse abrasives commonly associated with exfoliating scrubs. By using a unique dissolving bead system along with enzymes and potent antioxidants, it immediately leaves your skin looking and feeling retexturized, de-aged, reflective and hydrated.
Key Technologies
Uniquely designed dissolving bead technology (breaks down as they are massaged)
Glycolic Acid
Digestive Enzymes
Potent Antioxidants

avail from Jan Marini for $90.00

cakedoo1 says.. I have used this all week.. I know, I know, I used a refining exfoliator all week – to be more specific, I used it 3x this week, I was on a day and off a day for repair.. I find that it’s gentle and effective.. It’s not a harsh scrub that rips at my skin but almost a refined microdermabrasion scrub.. It’s got some scrub if you chose to be harsh and really invigorate the skin you can.. I am using at night.. I am using Jan Marini’s Gentle Cleanser first – this takes off all the makeup and and dirt then following up with the exfoliator.. I can use about 1 tsp worth of product for my entire face and chin.. I smooth over working in little circles and splash away when done, I seriously exfoliate for about 1 minute – it’s all that I need.. When I have finished rinsing – my skin looks flush and healthy no signs of scratches – so this isn’t harsh – for the way I use it.. For my first weeks thoughts, it really goes to the next level on getting my face clean and fresh.. It seriously brightens up my look, the constant turnover of dead skin cells keeps my skin looking more vibrant and healthy and my skin has no dryness either so it’s sloughing away all the little dry patches.. Amen to Jan Marini, this is a perfect girl for the girl who has everything and the girl, who needs a boost, you really start seeing results in the first week! What more can you ask for?

METSV says:  Gee, a product from Jan Marini that I like…what are the odds?  (and yes, I’m being sarcastic).  I’ve never met a Marini product that I HAVEN’T liked and this LE Refining Exfoliator is no exception.   I totally did not follow directions and used this more than recommended.  I couldn’t get enough of what it was doing for my skin.  It just grabs the bad and leaves the good.  My skin is so soft after using this and it looks glowy and fresh.  I’ve been using Jan’s cleanser daily, and every other day I’ve been using the Exfoliator.  It’s not harsh at all.   While my skin is still damp, I take a little of the green-tinted product and put all over my face.., very gently massaging it in, then I start singing “Defying Gravity”  (okay, not really) then I rinse… Soft, refreshed skin awaits me.   My skin isn’t irritated at all…there’s no ouch-y, sore feeling.  My face just looks renewed… I am really nuts about this product….how can it be Limited Edition?  Jan, if you’re reading this, please make this a regular part of your already stellar line-up.   If it is indeed a Limited Edition, then ladies, waste no time in adding this to your holiday wish list….the perfect gift from you to you…love.



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