Skin Juice ~ PULP Cleansing Paste


An exclusive herbal method to cleanse away daily impurities without upsetting the skin’s natural balance.

An exclusive herbal cleansing method that combines Australian White Clay and extracts of White Willow and Wild Lime with lactic and salicylic acids, to address congestion caused by excess oil, impurities and dead skin. This mildly granular paste can be used  daily to achieve a clearer more vibrant complexion.

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METSV says:   What a great quality skincare line Skin Juice is.    I don’t know how Denise finds these amazing skincare companies, but she’s hit the jackpot with Skin Juice….from Australia…. I love the science and mission behind the line and the products themselves are outrageously good.   I’ve been lucky enough to be able to try a couple and my first review will be for Pulp Cleansing Paste.   I’ll start by saying I am anything but oily skinned – the target of this cleanser –  but that doesn’t mean my skin doesn’t get congested and clogged and needs a good and thorough cleaning.  It does – and that’s where Pulp succeeds for me.   It’s designed to address the impurities that dead skin can cause and the very mild granuals help lift it away leaving truly clean skin – not stripped or dry, just perfectly clean.    It’s like any little blackheads and clogged pores I have just vanish.  My skin looks brighter, fresher, and younger.   What I love about this cleanser is that it’s loaded with actives and no sulfates or excess and useless crapola that can actually do more harm than good.  Even the fragrance is organic – there’s no flowery, fruity, or perfumey smell.  It’s all business!  I can’t explain – it just smells clean. The ingredients read like an A List Powerhouse!  Pomegranate, Kaolin Clay, Ellagic Acid, Lactic Acid, just to name a few….  Once you click over to the site you’ll find yourself hovering over several products, guaranteed…I know I did…everything just sounds so darn good AND so good for my skin.   We are so happy to be able to spread the word about Skin Juice to our readers.   Excellent line, Joanne!   Highly recommend.


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