Arbonne ~ FC5 Intense Hydration Mask

For normal/dry skin. Restores hydration and revitalizes dehydrated skin to promote a softer, more radiant appearance. ( 3 fl. oz. )

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Arbonne is the exclusive provider of the FC5 Fresh Cell Technology – groundbreaking science that allows for the extraction of cells, while keeping them fresh and intact. The fresh cells remain encapsulated, untouched until they are applied to the skin where they release precious nutrients. Together with the formulas, they help revitalize, hydrate and protect the skin.

Kiwi—Extraordinary source of antioxidants.
Strawberry—Known for its purifying and toning properties.
Mango—Nurturing, hydrating fruit.
Carrot—Soothes and calms; ripe with ß-carotene.
Pumpkin—Moisturizing properties and bursting with ß-carotene.

Matte Fresh Complex: A concentrated combination of botanicals including mallow, melissa, watercress and ivy. Together with other ingredients, this soothing blend helps to calm and harmonize oily skin.

Moisture Fresh Complex: A unique blend of botanicals including St. John’s wort and extracts of cucumber, birch leaf, watercress and clover blossom. Together with other ingredients, this complex helps to soften, cool, soothe and condition dry skin.

METSV says:   Arbonne just keeps upping their game, don’t they?    I’ve been a fan of several of the RE9 products and now with the inroduction of the FC5 line I have even more products that I’m interested in getting my hands on.  I’ll say that if the rest of the FC5 line is as good as the Hydration Mask then Arbonne will have another hit on their hands.   The hydration mask is perfect for my skin – it’s getting colder which means my skin is getting dryer and tighter and no matter how much moisturizing I do, the plumpness and hydration is sucked right out of it – I don’t know if it’s due to the heat being on at home in and in the office or just the cooler weather in general.  The mask provides such a boost to my skin – makes it glow, plumps it out, and keeps on providing that extra bit of moisture I need even days after I’ve used it.   I find that I’m using it about 2-3 times a week, at night.   It’s kind of like my pampering treat before going to bed.   Problem is, I don’t want to take it off!   It feels really good on, like a spa facial.  I apply it to my face after gently pressing a warm facecloth to it – when my skin is nice and warm I then apply the citrusy scented mask all over and then just go about my business.  After about 15 minutes I’ll massage some into my skin, then a couple of minutes later I rinse.  My skin looks and feels completely refreshed and hydrated and glowing.   This mask will take me through the winter and I know it’ll keep the crepiness and dryness at bay and keep my skin as hydrated as possible.  I will definitely be checking out more from the FC5 line.   Good stuff!


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