H2O ~ Oasis™ Hydrating Trio

•Moisture-rich marine botanicals infuse skin with deep hydration and vital marine nutrients to replenish, recharge and plump the appearance of fine lines

•Liposomes deliver time-released moisture to keep skin looking healthy all day

•Provitamin B and vitamins A, C, and E help accelerate cellular renewal for naturally youthful skin

•Water-light formulas instantly refresh and feel clean on the skin

Available @ h2oplus.com for $16

Lilmissashley says… Wow, this set was awesome!  First off, I’d like to say that out of the three, my favorite was probably the Oasis Mist. Why? Well, I did absolutely love all three of the products, but this product was definitely the most convenient out of the three. Also, I have tried some facial mists before but they basically are just water… this mist contains a lot more ingredients than simply water so it really does hydrate and moisturize your skin. The mist spray  itself was a bit smaller than others I had tried in the past, so I did need to spray a few more sprays. Honestly though, in the dry, humid office, this product has been my savior.  The next product in line was the cleansing water.  As this product is named cleansing water, you can probably anticipate that the product itself was a lot more “water-like” than typical cleansers. In reality, it looked a bit like mouth wash to me at first. But, after trying… I feel in love.  One aspect that I maybe wasn’t a huge fan of was the fact that because it was runny, it was sometimes difficult to squirt the product in my hands before usage, as some of the water spilled over… this was a concern for me because I love this product so much I didn’t want to waste any! One additional note, you have to apply this cleansing water when your face is dry and then wash off. When I washed off, my face felt so smooth, refreshed, clean and beautiful. Honestly, this product was amazing…and I loved the results. The third product in the lineup is the hydrating treatment. Now, I haven’t used a hydrating treatment like this before, so I was a  bit curious to see how it would work. End result? Beautiful product for dry skin. The texture of this product is unique, as it is a light blue gel that makes your skin immediately brighten after application.

This trio was a great introduction to this line. The bright colors and the association with water, made this set initially scream summer to me. Although…I have been using it now and I think it can be great for any season. Another great aspect, this 3 containers are small enough for travel sizes, so I don’t have to vacation without them (yayy). Love love this set.


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