Klorane Fortifying Treatment Shampoo

Klorane Fortifying Treatment Shampoo  Full Information @ Klorane — Also Available @ Amazon

  • Formulated in a very Gentle, Untangling, Volume-enhancing Cleansing Base
  • Hypoallergenic Formula Restores the Strength and Health of the Hair
  • Reinforces Hair Structure and Stimulates Growth


Makeup Addict has only been using Klorane Fortifying Treatment Shampoo for about a week – yet, I can see and feel the difference in my hair.  No, it is not thicker — YET.  But it looks and feels thicker — and healthier.  It has a slight medicinal fragrance which is definitely not unpleasant.  When I think of Quinine I think of Malaria but my hair doesn’t have malaria.  It just needed some help and it has found some with Klorane Fortifying Treatment Shampoo.  I found that the shampoo does not suds up like most other shampoos — there is some mild sudsing.  But that does not matter at all when I see the results in my hair.  I am very happy with it nice texture and full healthy appearance.  It even feels healthy — what does healty feel??  Let me tell you – it feels the opposite of what my hair felt like before starting with Klorane Fortifying Treatment Shampoo.  Seriously, the feel is so wonderful compared to what it felt like before.  It is too soon to see any thickness yet. . . but I would not doubt it will be coming — due to the early results I am see and feeling.  Love it!!!


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