Collective Wellbeing ~ Hot Pore Warming Pore Cleansing Scrub

Hot Pore Warming Pore Cleansing Scrub avail @ Collective Wellbeing for $18.00

What it Does: A gentle facial scrub that heats to open up your pores and zap excess oil, make-up, and other stuff that’s got to go.
How it Works: Hot Pore contains natural mineral powders that heat up temporarily. The gentle heating sensation helps to open your pores for a deeper cleansing treatment. Excess oil, make-up and other impurities are swept away by active charcoal and jojoba wax scrubbing beads. Salicylic acid and retinal remove dead skin cells and help to smooth skin texture.

cakedoo1 says… WOW! I am amazed with this gentle scrub.. It’s not the kind the tears away at my skin and is full of sharp grains that exfoliate and scratch my skin, this has what feels like spheres suspended within so I get go gentle or heavy handed and never get my skin to react in a negative way. It does a great job to cleansing and exfoliating.. It’s grey from the charcoal and surely this add to the balancing and even tone I experience.. It’s even got a light citrus scent that was a big surprise to me.. I found that the consistency is a little runny so beware not to squeeze out a bunch or it will coming running out of the tube.. I also love the warming sensation, it feels like my face is enveloped in a warm facecloth, it’s very spa like… I am using 2-3x a week and this is all I need. my skin is so soft and smooth and I have the fresh healthy glow that only comes from shedding all those excess dead skin cells.. Also the price is perfect and so affordable, a really nice line that isn’t over priced at all. It delivers and that is the most important part! Love it!


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