Ava Anderson ~ Loose Foundation

Loose Foundation avail @ Ava Anderson for $36.50

Illite, Magnesium Silicate, Silk Powder. Made of French Clay, with very rich mineral content, which is excellent for remineralization of the skin, absorbs toxins, also purifies congested, acne-prone skin types improves blood circulation and makes the skin look radiant, hydrated, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and broken capillaries. Silk Powder has beneficial properties including ability to hold skin moisture as per the requirements of surrounding environment. Unlike synthetic powders, talc or titanium dioxide, silk has the unique characteristic of air permeability. Silk is full of anti inflammatory properties, to help reduce puffiness, and help with firmness of the skin, and also contains natural sunscreen, protein, and other essential amino acids. Not only does silk act as a natural moisturizer, it assists in renewing old and damaged cells, thus reducing signs of aging, reducing pigmentation like blemishes and freckles. The real color of the skin is restored as melanin production is considerably slowed. Magnesium Silicate is a natural binder.

cakedoo1 says.. I have this in Ava’s light color and in the pot it looks too dark for my fair skin but when I apply it melts into my skin and looks great and totally matches so it has a real ability to transform on my skin.. It is so light and airy not like other loose foundations.. I use my own Kabuki brush to apply and I merely dust over my skin and get a really healthy fresh finish, it’s light but I can apply a second application that truly builds and gives me a little more coverage. I have used on it’s own and also applied over my favorite tinted moisturizer – this way gives my tinted moisturizer a more finished look.. I like it both ways.. I do find that once I have applied my sunscreen, I need it to be fully absorbed before I apply or else my brush picks up the sunscreen and gives it a wet like heaviness so I have to wash, dry and start over – I learned this the hard way so just want to throw that advice out there! HA! So the finish is perfect for everyone, it is light and sheer – it totally gives a that fresh, healthy, happy look.. It’s a little dewy too so that adds to the fresh look.. I am telling you that in the fall, I end up wearing a little more foundation to keep the flawless look and Ava’s loose foundation can totally help me a achieve the look I want, I just dust over my skin a second time.. days I wear, I carry my mini kabuki to refresh my look – it’s that simple if I feel like I need a boost, I don’t even add any additional foundation, I just breeze lightly over my face and it instantly boosts the looks – it’s especially great when I am going out after the office and don’t have the time to start over.. I also think if you are looking for heavy coverage this is perfect to use in conjunction with your favorite foundation, you are just going to love the finish, it’s youthful and brightens up my look.. I love it, it’s got no scent and I have had no adverse reactions at all so this is great for all since I can be sensitive… Ava has taken all the guess work out of skincare & cosmetics for us!! Seriously, check them out!



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