The Holy Mud Company ~ Honey & Oak Mask


Available @ for $24

Agelesspat says… One word sums up my experience with this product: Yum. Not only does the product smell amazing, but I accidentally got some on my mouths ( woops) and it tastes just as amazing.  I had such a pleasant experience with this product.  When I applied this product for the first time ( with my finger) I did notice that it was quite sticky. It comes with an applicator, which I proceeded to use… and worked out very well. I was able to apply this product effortlessly and cover my whole face.  The mask itself goes on clear and dries in approximately 5 or 6 minutes. Then, the real moisturizing effects start to kick in.  The mask definitely wasn’t painful but I could feel its effects on my skin a few minutes after application.  While the mask was doing its job, I got to smell the awesome scent of honey…. which was delicious.  I use a lot of products on my skin, so I do find that my skin is a bit dry and worn out. This mask helped me with my problems…. my skin felt so much softer after the first application and then after the third or fourth application, I noticed a new brightness to my skin ( although with some serious moisturizing effects).   I often find that I get dry patches on certain areas on my face ( especially when the weather is starting to get cooler). After using this mask, about 2-3 times a week… I have yet to experience those irritating patches. Another thing I’d like to note about this project is that it doesn’t create a huge mess when I rinse it off… which is a definite plus.  The clear mask rinses off with just a few splashes of water.  I really loved trying this mask out…Great mask, great line.


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