Dr. Loretta Youthful~ Wri-Lax No Needle Wrinkle Reducer

Decrease crow’s feet, forehead lines, lip lines and neck bands. This is an ideal alternative or enhancement to cosmetic injections! This topical neuropeptide, anti-wrinkle serum incorporates multiple antioxidants and is highly effective in reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown and lip lines. Clinical studies show up to a 50% reduction in the appearance of fine lines.

Available @ Dr.Loretta for $100

Agelesspat says.. Dr. Loretta Youthful Wri-Lax No Needle Wrinkle Reducer is an awesome product. I have been using it for approximately three weeks and have noticed my small wrinkles on the outside areas of my eyes have definitely diminished. Furthermore my entire temple area is very smooth looking with only diminutive lines.  My worst spot is certainly the area around my lips.  I have had very noticeable lines for a number of years so you could say the lines are very profound. This Youthfull Wri-Lax has made them a lot less visible.  I use this product in the morning and night. I simply rub the light beige gel /cream on all the lines on my face. I have also noticed that once it is applied the gel becomes shiny and transparent..after about 3 minutes the gel dries a bit but my skin still looks bright and shiny. I like this feature since it allows me to note where I have missed applying the gel. I experienced no tenderness like some wrinkle reducers do. I also didn’t feel any stickiness either, my skin felt as though I hadn’t applied anything to it.  Further, I detected no scent at all. A little pricey but worth it to me. Remarkable product.

cakedoo1 says. I have to agree with AgelessPat.. I love Wri-Lax I have been using for about 5 weeks now and I only use in the am, I find that I get great daily results and don’t want to waste it on sleeping! As she described it’s a looks opaque beige serum that has a little bit of a jelly like consistency, it’s so easy to apply with no stinging or adverse reactions, my skin doesn’t get red or anything. It’s clear that this is strong because I see the dramatic difference everyday.. My small fine lines seem to be ironed out and look so much smoother and softer… When I apply I do have to give it a moment to set then I can go ahead and put on cosmetics. I apply one pump and use between my eyes and around the corners of my mouth and I am good to go.. I just can get over the fact that Wri-lax is so easy to use and feels like nothing at all but shows a dramatic improvement and really firms up those areas.. If you have a big event this is a perfect product to incorporate into your regimen, it will add youth and life into your face.. I love it and will be scraping the bottle when it’s gone..

MMDStylin must agree as well…  Definitely gives you a rested look.  I too have been using it for several weeks and find that the fine lines around my lips have been served well by this product.  I apply a small amount in to my lip area and the corners of my eyes and massage the product into these areas.  I haven’t tried it on more pronounced wrinkles, but these problem areas seem to be reacting nicely.  I never used a wrinkle reducer before, but will make this a part of my daily routine for years to come.  It’s not just about moisturizing, I am finding.  This is a completely different type of treatment that serves fine lines and wrinkles well – to help minimize the appearance.  Might be my imagination but I don’t find makeup clumping into these areas and pronouncing the lines later in the day when the makeup begins to wear.


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