reBloom ~ Beauty Sleep Drink

Sleep is the foundation of feeling great and looking beautiful.  If your sleep suffers, the rest of your life suffers; from a lifeless complexion to a sour mood and a lack of energy, your ability to enjoy life is severely diminished.

Sleep packs more revitalizing power than any cream or pill. Start getting the sleep that you deserve tonight with reBloom. You’ll notice the difference…and others will too.

reBloom’s safe, natural and effective ingredients include:

* Valerian, the root of a flowering plant that has been used as a traditional sleeping remedy since ancient Roman times
* L-Theanine a key amino acid found in green tea
* Melatonin a naturally occurring compound in the human body that helps to regulate the sleep/wake cycle as well as Antioxidants and the traditional calming herbs Chamomile and Lavender

You won’t find any drugs, preservatives, artificial flavors or sweeteners in reBloom—just an unabashedly natural taste and simple, beautiful sleep. At only 5 calories, reBloom is a simple and guilt-free way to get the natural sleep that you so desperately deserve, without resorting to sleeping pills.

avail @ reBloom for 7 pack $27.95 & free shipping

cakedoo1 says, we recently got a few samples of reBloom in so I am only commenting on the one bottle I had.. The taste is a little sour no bad but kind of like the taste of vitamins. I don’t need this at all for sleep, I am the type of person that when my head hits the pillow. I can tell you this the evening I drank before bed, I did get a great night of sleep, don’t remember any tossing or turning and no thoughts of what I needed to do the next day. I slept solid and woke the next without any drowsiness or sluggish feelings. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to go.. I really do think if you need a little something extra to induce the Zzz’s then this is perfect for you! I would like to have some on hand for the times when I am totally stressed out and find I toss and turn.. Great concept that will surely catch like wildfire!

METSV says:  I don’t have a problem falling asleep 99.9% of the time.   My bigger problem is STAYING asleep.    I find some nights that after a couple of hours, my body decides its had enough of snoozing and now it’s time to toss and turn and kick the covers off because I’m hot…and then two seconds later I’m pulling them on me because I’m cold.    This is where an aid like reBloom comes in.    I think this little potion is designed to not only help get the ZZZ’s going, but keep the ZZZZZ’s going….all night.   I had one bottle of this and to me it tasted like unsweeted tea… not delish, but not bad either.  It went down easily enough.   I found it to have a calming effect – kind of mellowed me before bed time and I do think I had a more restful night’s sleep.   As I had only had one bottle, it’s kind of tough to crown it a savior for the sleep deprived, but because of the more refreshed way I felt the next morning and for my more restful slumber I had the night before, it has intrigued me enough that I am going to order a week’s worth and really see the difference.  I think this little bottle has the potential to really help the sleep deprived – especially those of us who only want to use natural methods to get our ZZZ’s on and not have that horrible groggy feeling the next day.

Makeup Addict normally falls asleep before my head hits the pillow.  However, the change of seasons and a few more things can throw my sleep cycle off.   It kills me when it happens as I am so used to just dropping off.  Well, it has been happening and I said — Enough — let me try the reBloom ~ Beauty Sleep Drink — what have I got to lose?  It has a bland – taste so I could drink it easily.  Now, I do not know if the was the reBloom ~ Beauty Sleep Drink or what — but I was dozing off in no time.  I felt like Sleeping Beauty when I woke up the next morning.  I felt so wide awake and alert and it had been a while since I felt that chipper!!  It was a very restful and peaceful sleep and I did not wake up at all during the night.  I can tell you — my face really appreciated the sound sleep — I had a very refreshed appearance.  I think I look like I had been to a spa —  that’s how good I felt and thought I looked.  People did comment on me looking nice and rested.  All I can add is — sleep is certainly good for your complexion and well being and reBloom ~ Beauty Sleep Drink jump started me back to a comfortable sleep pattern!!


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