Barielle ~ Argyle Polish Collection

avail from Barielle for $8.00each


Tight Knot

Lilmissashley says … First off, I’d love to comment on how cool this website is. I oftentimes am hesitant to purchase nail polish offline because I don’t know how truly accurate the color is ( through the website) and how this will look with my skin tone. With this AWESOME website, you can change the color of the hand ( in the picture) to reflect your skin tone ( how COOL is that??)  Okay, enough about the website. This color was the ideal color for me at this point in my life. Barielle’s fall collection is a set of perfect colors for this time of the year. This color in particular was one of my favorites.  The “Tight Knot” color was a medium color tone brown with hints of a tan color. When I think of a color that would most accurately depict fall… this color would be it. It is perfect for the workplace and I have been enjoying sporting it for the last 2 weeks. The brush is full and applies to each nail very easily. You also get amazing precision with this brush as well, so you don’t get excess nail polish on your fingers. I also would like to comment on the longevity of the color. Nail polish never stays on my nails…. after 1-2 I always chip. I was wear to get a longer wear of out this color…. 3-4  days without severe chipping.   One tip? Shake this color before you apply. Other than that, enjoy this amazing color and nail polish. Stay tuned for reviews on additional colors!

Cowl of the Wild

cakedoo1 says.. I love this color, it’s the perfect chocolate color, its rich and yummy for fall. I used with in conjunction with a base coat and top coat. I applied 2 coats of Cowl of the Wild… I was ready to go, it dried pretty quickly with no imperfections, I am terrible at painting my own nail and usually can only get away with painting my nail very sheer colors but I found that withe patience and lots of q-tips I was good to go.. I found this polish to be very durable.. It totally stood up to my rigorous keyboard action. I am on my computer most of the time and am always typing away.. I love this color especially with all of the great fall colors in clothing and boots, it’s a winner in my book.. Ashley said she got 3-4 days without chipping and I am in the same boat 3-4 days and then I started to see little bits that needed to be touched up, it was mostly the tips from all the handy keyboard work! HA! Love the color and will be wearing all fall long..

Wool you marry me?

Lilmissashley says… Okay, so this is the second color from this line that I have tried and its called wool you marry me.  Just to add some additional comments about this particular color, it is a deep/dark reddish color with a brown tint to it. I applied two light layers to make the color really pop!   Again, this color is an amazing color to wear  for the fall…it just screams Halloween and Thanksgiving to me!  I have been wearing this color off and on again for the past 2 weeks or so and it has been a delight to wear! It is definitely a mature color to wear and I love this, because it is great for a conservative work environment. You can even wear this color into the winter too, especially around Christmas!  Remember when black was the cool and hip color to wear? Well, now you can have the idea of wearing a dark color, but with a bit more life to it.  The color does last a bit longer than what I am used to with other nail polish companies and I find that it lasts even longer with a top coat ( altho this isn’t necessarily because the color has a nice shinny finish to it). You can even apply some sparkles as a top coat to bring a more youthful look to this color.  Loved this color and this line!

Cashmere or Loose Me

METSV says:   As much as I love summer, and this has been a great one, I get to the point where I’m ready for a change…ready for funky sweaters, pots of chicken soup, colorful foliage, football…etc…I also love when companies come out with their seasonal color line-up – and Barielle has a home run in their Argyle collection of nail polishes – I’m here for Cashmere or Loose Me, a really pretty cocoa-brown with a hint of warmish gold to it.  It’s neutral so it goes with everything, which is great.   I’m not a big nailpolisher wearer as my nails are non-existant,  so I usually reserve polish for the tootsies, but since we’re entering the season of close-toe shows, I had this on my fingernails and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it looked; really pretty and classic.  My niece who has about a zillion shades of polish gave this her thumbs up and asked if she could borrow it to wear for a wedding she’s going to next weekend…for someone who has as many shades as she does -this will give you an indication of how pretty it is.   Staying power was good – I’m not easy at all on my hands (keyboard at work, guitar playing, etc)  and I found that this stayed put (about 4 -5 days?)  with a couple of topcoats.  Barielle has a great line of nail products (among other things – i.e. skin, hands, feet) that are reasonably priced and work really well.

Aura Angora and        Unraveled Rust

Makeup Addict has been wearing both of these Barielle Argyle Polishes — take a peek above for these ‘true’ fall colors.  You can not get much more ‘fall-y’ than this array of gorgeous colors.  Who would have thunk that any Rust color could be so pretty??  Not me, but  Unraveled Rust is one of the nicest shades I own.  Let me tell you — it goes with mostly anything.  But then, so does Aura Angora — what a perfect name for an Autumn Color!!!  They apply very smoothly and do they ever last!!  I chip my nails almost immediately  — but these lasted and took my abuse.  I wore each of them with a very sheer coat and then with a couple of layers. . . depending on my mood on the application day.  Either way – they looked very nice – you cannot go wrong with any of their array of colors.  They have such a great assortment that it seems impossible to pick just one — that’s why I started with two and I know I am going back for some more!!




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