Green & Spring Skincare Restoring Face Serum


This is a rejuvenating facial treatment packed with high performing essential oils, extracts and active ingredients that ensure maximum penetration and absorption. Rose geranium and chamomile combine to balance, repair and rejuvenate whilst moisturising sunflower and carrot oil, plentiful in antioxidants vitamin A, E and D, enrich and soften. Evening primrose, which is rich in GLA, helps to plump the skin reducing and refining wrinkles – a vital treatment in a bottle.

Available @ for 38 Euros

Agelesspat says… Totally awesome is what I say about Green & Spring Skincare’s, Restoring Face Serum. I have used many different types of serums but this product surpasses them all.  As the directions state it is best to use at night, so that’s what I do. I simply pump a few very minuscule drops onto my fingertips and then rub onto my face. When I wake up in the morning, my face feels so smooth, fresh and fully moisturized. I have been using this product for three weeks. I can actually feel the serum being absorbed and simultaneously moisturizing my face immediately after application. Just after three weeks, I can see that my wrinkles have definitely faded a noticeable amount. This serum is dark yellow or amber in color, the texture is a soft liquid and the aroma is simply magnificent. I personally detected various flowers, herbs and oils scents. Taking a look at what ingredients are used in creating this serum I can certainly see why it works so well.  My face actually does feel refreshed and invigorated.  The packaging is attractive, the box and bottle both contain a picture of a purple bird (perhaps a famous bird from the British Isles where this product is created).  Further, the pump makes it so easy to apply, especially when I am tired at night!The product isn’t harsh and it didn’t dry out or irritate my skin yet rather it helped smooth away my wrinkles and made me feel so refreshed in the morning. I could on mornings after application that my make up glided so easily on my face.  This serum was a pleasant to taste out!  I am looking forward to trying out some of their other skincare products as well! This tube  has a permanent fixture in my bathroom!


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