Vitale Skin ~ Wheatgrass Foaming Refiner

The Wheatgrass Foaming Refiner has micro-beads of jojoba and rice bran wax that are suspended in a deeply cleansing foaming gel that is blended with invorgorating essential oils and wheatgrass. This foaming refiner smoothes even the roughest of skin with ease, but gentle enough for sensitive skin.  Your face will feel smooth, calm and bright!
$23.99 4 oz from Vitale Skin

cakedoo1 says… Can you say love? I can and I do! This is an amazingly gentle facial scrub.. It’s wonderful, the scrubbing particles are so gentle that I can use daily and have no remnants of using a scrub, my skin doesn’t look red or roughed up in the least. It just gives my skin a fresh smooth and vibrant look. It’s got super fresh scent that isn’t perfumy but natural and clean fresh smelling, its great.. I do pick up a little bit of a herbal scent too, not sure what it is, but its there.. I use on my face and neck, it rinses away so easily too.  I use between a dime and quarter sized amount, it bubbles up into a light foam then I do a few splashes then use a facecloth to remove the remnants of the scrub away and I am left with soft and smooth skin, no questions, this is a scrub that I would use in the am then apply makeup, I never do a scrub in the am but this one I will.. It’s that gentle, I don’t want that statement to scare you away thinking it’s low on the performance factor, I don’t feel that way, I feel like it does an amazing job and doesn’t need any additional scrubbing particles, I can get a seriously deep clean when using a little additional elbow grease. It does give me a deeper clean and my skin looks a little more flush, I do this kind of scrub only in the evening then generously apply a night cream to sooth and get the moisture deep into my skin.. I can’t tell you anything else that will make this sounds any better – cuz it doesn’t need my accolades, it just works wonderful on it’s own, I feel so lucky to have gotten the ability to try out the Vitale Skin line..


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