Fake Bake ~ Lip Gloss (Domestically Disabled)

Fake Bake’s Lip Gloss (Domestically Disabled) $9.95 Available @ Fake Bake

A darker pink color with plum undertones. We’ve left Domestically Disabled unscented for those sensitive noses.

Makeup Addict is finally getting caught up with my reviews.  Yes, once again I have let  them slide and I needed to get myself in gear and get going.  Personally, I think the color that Fake Bake is showing for Domestically Disabled is not even close to the really gorgeous color that it is.  Does that look like a darker pink with plum undertones??  Not to me.  And I held the actual lip gloss up to it and it is no contest.  The real lip gloss wins.  The description is actually perfect — that is what I have and it is in swirls which really look nice on.  It glides on and it feels good — no waxy or greasey feel to it at all.  It almost feels like a lip balm — it is that soft to my lips.  I found that it stayed on for quite a while.  I usually have to refresh my lip gloss several times a day.  I still had to refresh with Fake Bake’s Lip Gloss (Domestically Disabled) but less often.  I have to comment on the name as it fits me so perfectly.  I thought of putting a picture of myself up instead of the lip gloss.  However, I prefer to be called Domestically Challenged.  This gloss is very glossy as it should be — but without the hard waxy look that a lot of glosses have.  My lips shine nicely and look fresh with this gloss.  I agree with Fake Bake that this is a perfect color for a tan — or without a tan.  I thought it might really just look best with a tan — but it was just as perfect with pale skin.


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