Elizabeth Grant Hand & Foot Cream

Elizabeth Grant Hand & Foot Cream $20.00 Available @ Elizabeth Grant

Hand & Foot Treatment is a protective, soothing and nourishing treatment for dry, chapped hands and elbows; cracked heels; and other dry skin problem areas.   You may take one big whiff and say ew what is that smell??  — It is Camphor -an ingredient that works.

Makeup Addict says I appreciate the warning about the scent or should I say odor!!!  It is very overpowering at first — thank goodness it does dissipate or I would be wearing a gas mask.  Hey, my feet can have – shall we say a fragrance at the end of the day.  I get in and wash them fast!!  However, my feet stand no chance against this smell.  However, Elizabeth Grant is not lying – Camphor works!!  It is worth the unpleasantness for a few minutes.  I prefer to use after my shower in the evening — and then I put on light socks – to contain to odor and to help the cream really work.  Come morning – my feet are like babys’ feet — so soft and almost silky — no quite.  Elizabeth Grant Hand & Foot Cream must be very strong to convert my sandpaper feet and calluses to a soft skin so fast.  I really didn’t want to use it on my hands – but let’s put it delicately — I needed to.  They looked and felt like gardeners’ hands and I do not garden, really.  Well, I got myself a very light pair of gloves to wear over this cream and — wow, come morning I was amazed.  You would think I had a manicure and a massage — they looked and felt so soft and silky.  I just cannot bring myself to wear the cream during the day.  Miraculous as the cream is on both my hands and feet I cannot use it during the day.  But then — I have no need to — the night treatment has kept them in the best shape they have been in — in ages!!  Two hands and feet up for Elizabeth Grant Hand & Foot Cream — it really works!!


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