Dr Loretta ~ Complexion Protection SPF 30+

Dr Loretta  Complexion Protection SPF 30 $34.00

Independent laboratory testing has shown that our sweet cucumber scented Complexion Protection provides more UVA protection than some of the best selling mass-marketed sunscreens.  This alone should make it your choice for sun protection! Dr. Loretta has also incorporated peptides Colhibin and Elhibin and antioxdant Beta-carotene to boost skin firmness and soften texture. Complexion Protection is quickly absorbed, lightly textured and is easily worn under make-up.  It can also be worn in place of makeup, as it contains high grade silica to bounce light off the skin surface and improve the appearance of skin texture instantly!  Many women use this product as a substitute for daytime makeup base. Non-comedogenic: Safe for all skin types including sensitive skin and pre-and post laser and other cosmetic treatments.

Stylin MMD says…. 5 Things I  Love about this sunscreen… (In the order in which I love them)

1.  Doesn’t make me itch when I sweat.

2.  Doesn’t make me sweat faster when worn under my makeup.

3.  Has a slight tint to it – you don’t look ghostly after applying it.

4.  Great base for makeup foundation.

5.  SPF 30 makes it enough protection  to wear on its own.

I have tried many sunscreens – and meeting these five criteria are a must for me.  None, if any, have satisfied all my requirements but this sunscreen has.  The one thing I have not tested is how well it stays on in the water.


 Agelesspat says…Dr. Loretta Complexion Protection SPF  30+Rejuvenating Sunscreen has certainly proven to be a truly remarkable product.  My personal battle with many types of sunscreens has always been that I perspire ( especially in the summer) and then my skin becomes very itchy.  When this happens, I immediately want to rinse my face with cold water. I have tried many different types of sunscreens some containing various key ingredients such as zinc oxide and peptides. But they never worked until I tried this product. I have used it outside gardening, at an all day air show, the beach and the pool and still continued with the best results. I absolutely love the fact that it is a bit tinted, a very soft beige cream that is easily applied. I have tried other sunscreens that had some color in them but they always were too dark for me. It can be worn under makeup as well with no smearing. This sunscreen has an absolutely wonderful characteristic  that I found no other sunscreen can do nearly as well—MOISTURIZERS beautifully. I would buy it for simply that alone. My face feels so soft. The protection SPF 30+ is just right for me. I have the 2 fl oz which will last for a good long period of time. The product is a cute plastic white pump bottle which is very convenient. We all are aware of the importance and necessity of wearing sunscreen. What more could you want, awesome  sunscreen and moisturizer.


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