Glytone ~ Improve ( Antioxidant Anti-Aging Cream)

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A day cream with time released, high concentrations of Vitamin E, Red Tea Flavonoids and Free Glycolic Acid to synergistically deliver powerful antioxidant protection and antiaging benefits Time-released Vitamin E and Red Tea Flavonoids reinforce antioxidative action while triggering exfoliation through the use of 6% Free Glycolic Acid, helping to reduce the visible signs of premature skin aging.

METSV says:  Wow, is this a powerful cream.  Confession:  For me, it is so strong that I use this at night, though the directions recommend use for day.  Just the smallest amount applied to my face and I feel the tingle – like I can feel the gylcolic acid doing its job.  Not a bad thing at all, but because my skin is on the sensitive side, I feel more comfortable using this in the p.m.  I use this sparingly before I go to bed..and boy do I like what I see in the morning.  All the little bumps that are normally on the side of my face seem to have faded.  My skin looks clear, brighter, less tired, renewed.   Loving that!   I also like how the (not so) fine lines around my eyes appear less noticible.  I believe I am in my third week of using this cream and I grow to love it more and more each time I apply it.   It’s become part of my nighttime routine and my skin doesn’t seem to look or feel as good when I don’t use it.    There’s no perfume-y scent or any masking fragrance to give it a pleasant aroma.   This cream is all business!   If you’re looking for a powerful anti-ager that will help exfoliate the old and bring out the new, look no further than Glytone.  This is a keeper.

Makeup Addict says– I have been using Glytone Anti-Aging Cream together with Glytone Anti-Aging Serum (Review will follow) which is like a double whammy to aging!!!  Unlike Maria, my skin must be tough as nails – no tingling.  That made me think – oh no, it isn’t working. . . but it was.  As suggested I use it in the morning and after several weeks – results are appearing — or should I say disappearing – as in lines!!!!  They mention above that there will be a more visible  and youthful complexion in 2 months of use.  Well, I am see results even sooner.  It may well be the combination that they suggest.  Anyway, this is a very rich and creamy white cream which dispenses through a pump.  It feels very soft and luxurious going on and my skin feels that way once I finish applying.  Okay, now for an admission – I also used it at night so I did apply twice a day at first — I thought I could jump start it.  In any event my skin appears to have a smoother, more taut look to it.  Now I am just using it in the morning and I can hardly wait for the full 2 months’ results.  I have that completely refreshed and awake look that does give an age reversing appearance in my face!  I honestly feel that I am attaining these results due to using both of the products — however, I think I would have gotten some definite improvements if I had used each of them separately. Glytone Anti-Aging Cream is a powerful, yet gentle, magic elixir that seems to contain some ingredients from the fountain of youth.  Hey, I am being realistic — after 2 months, I do not expect to get carded — I just want to see the improvements I am seeing now a little more magnified!!  LoveGlytone Anti-Aging Cream and now is the time to check it out with a discount at the SkinStore.


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