Colbert M.D. ~ Stimulate (The Serum)

Colbert MD Stimulate The Serum $125.00 at

A powerful complex of plant actives and nutrients work together beneath the surface to promote fresh new cellular growth. Patented QuSome Technology delivers potent active ingredients deep into the cell producing layers where they facilitate the growth of healthy, new skin. 1 oz.

METSV says:  This serum rocks.  Seriously.  Talk about immediate “oh yes, I love this” response!  That’s exactly what my reaction was a couple of weeks ago when I first started using this and I’ve been crowing about it ever since.  My routine is not complete without it.  I have loved what I’ve been seeing – more even toned skin, less bumpy,more refined, fresher – I don’t know what else to say here except that I am so glad that we here at SA got in on this great line of skincare – so simple too.  Not a bunch of fluff products to overwhelm, just several, powerful products designed to deliver results.  Who’d a thought that plants could deliver such amazing skin rejuvination?  Not me!  But now I’m a believer and then some.   I use the serum at night (one pump that I gently pat on my face – sinks in in seconds) and when I wake up in the morning my skin actually looks pretty darn good – less sallow, less lined,  and, dare I say it, less old!  Simplicity, purity, effectiveness, powerful plant actives and nutrients all combine to make Colbert MD one of the best dermatologist-created lines to come down the pike in quite some time.  Highly recommend.


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